Blue nile diamonds

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The blue nile diamond is an amazingly beautiful gem. It is a rare mineral that only a few can afford. Psychics talk about the strong energy of such a diamond. A jewel can both destroy and save its owner.

A blue diamond begins to acquire its color shade and physical properties for more than one hundred years. Due to its specificity, each mineral is unique and has no analogues. Even the presence of impurities that give color one nanogram up or down can give a unique shade that will never be again.

As a result, the atoms and molecules of the precious carbon compound and boron enter into symbiosis, and the sample radically changes its properties, becoming a naturally reactive semiconductor element.

Unique reflective properties are also achieved through the presence of boron impregnation

The darker the blue mineral, the more expensive it is.

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Depending on the saturation of the shade, blue minerals are divided into types:

  • Faint;
  • Veri Light;
  • Light;
  • Fancy Light;
  • Fancy;
  • Fancy Intence;
  • Fancy ViVid;
  • Fancy Deep.

The blue tint of light crystals is noticeable only in the sun. The color of darker crystals is discernible even in a dark room. Cut diamonds have the inherent ability to reflect and refract light.

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To date, blue diamonds are mined in only a few places in the world: in the deposits on the African continent called Cullinan in the Republic of South Africa (South Africa) and the recently opened Argeil diamond mine on the Australian continent, where other rare diamonds, for example, vibrant purple patterns.

The largest and most famous crystals were mined in Indian mines. At the moment, the deposit is completely depleted.

The precious blue diamond is one of the rarest types. Technologies make it possible to create them artificially, because diamonds of this color are rarely found in nature. Such stones are prized among collectors and jewelry experts. Colored items do not have an exact value. Their price is calculated before the sale, based on the available qualities.

Since blue diamonds are extremely rare in nature, but the demand for them is constantly growing, people have learned to grow precious crystals in the laboratory. Such diamonds do not differ from natural stones in physical properties and look no less beautiful, but they are much cheaper. It is impossible to independently distinguish the analogue from the original.

The Blue Moon is the most expensive gem in the world. It was found in South Africa in 2014. The size of the diamond reached 12.3 carats. The diamond was absolutely transparent, had no defects and had a deep blue color.

According to the classification, this stone belongs to the class of “completely flawless” and, due to its rarity and uniqueness, was sold seven minutes after the start of the famous Sotheby’s auction. Its fabulous price was $ 48,000,000. A new record was set for the sale of diamonds and other gemstones and jewelry directly from auction.

Ring with blue diamond

Ring with blue diamond

A ring with a blue mineral deserves a separate discussion, since not everyone can buy it. This ring is a standard, recognition of wealth and status. When purchasing it, you can be sure that no one will leave you unattended. After all, such a diamond is usually tacitly characterized by such an exquisite concept as “blue blood”.

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