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The concept of life coaching, a brief history
The roots of this term go back to Hungary. The Hungarian word “kocsi” is translated as “wagon”. It is from this word that the English “coach” came from. Cox is a small Hungarian town where horse-drawn carriages and wagons were produced. Allegedly, this word had associations with teachers who guided their students based on their own experience.

Coaching is a process of interaction between a mentor and a client, as a result of which certain goals and objectives are achieved, as well as new abilities are developed.

The goal of coaching is to increase awareness and responsibility. It doesn’t matter who it is designed for: a specific person, a group of people or oneself. With the help of mindfulness, involvement increases, as well as the interest and ability to assimilate learning new knowledge and skills. Consciousness of choice gives rise to responsibility and gives a person self-respect, confidence and self-motivation. But awareness of responsibility is a state of mind. The latter is the key ingredient. Of course, knowledge, experience, these are all important and affect performance, but neither is as important as the state of mind. This is what the coach is working on. It focuses your attention on future opportunities and helps you leave behind past failures and all those negative thoughts that prevent you from moving forward. With the help of this approach, the individuality of a person is taken into account, and also, his personal qualities are used.

If you decide to master the profession of a life coach, then for you – the training program “Professional Coach” training based on ICU & ICTA standards with the issuance of an international certificate “Professional Coach ICU”. The program is recommended for HR managers, consultants, business coaches, managers and anyone whose work is related to the human factor, who wants to professionally master the technologies and methodology of coaching.

Life coaching is the interaction of a professional mentor (coach) with a client, during which the potential of the latter is revealed. In the process of life coaching, the client acquires new skills, discovers his personal abilities and comes to the final result – the achievement of the goal. Many successful individuals of the 21st century regularly use the services of professional coaches to improve their skills and enter a new phase of their lives. It’s the same with Olympic athletes who would not have been able to achieve such heights without the support and enthusiasm of their experienced coach.

Life coaching is a process that is designed to understand life’s difficulties, remove the restrictions that prevent the achievement of goals. If you translate this phrase, you get “learning life.” In fact, this is a direction that changes your life for the better. This does not mean that all your problems will immediately find their solution, but you will radically change your attitude towards them.

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