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10 best Russian books

Russian fiction – popular russian books, russian novels. What works of Russian literature should be read by an educated person:

  • “Master and Margarita” novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. As soon as this novel was banned and is now included in the school curriculum. The book is called the “magic box.” He rereads different periods of life, each time discovering something new.
  • “Quiet Don” by Mikhail Sholokhov. The novel about the fate of people during the revolution of 1917 makes one feel the tragedy of time and present it well.
  • “War and Peace” novel by Leo Tolstoy. This epic is about the aspirations and worldviews of the people of the era of wars against Napoleon. In the work of about 550 characters, and 200 of them – real characters.
    Leo Tolstoy books in Russian, Anna Karenina
  • “The Twelve Chairs” (12 chairs) novel by Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov. A funny story of scammers who are trying to find diamonds sewn up in chairs. Easy syllable, sparkling humor – all you will find in this book.
  • “Professor Dowell’s Head” book by Alexander Belyaev. A fantasy novel tells the story of a man who fell victim to an experiment. Actual book for our time.
  • “Stories of Anton Chekhov”. The subtlest humor against the background of the hopelessness of life is the skill of the author, whose books you have to read yourself. Retelling will not convey a small fraction of their genius.
  • “A Hero of Our Time” Novel by Mikhail Lermontov. The novel, which is difficult perceived by schoolchildren, but very interesting and fascinating for adults. Important questions that require an answer and reflection are raised in this work.
  • “The Idiot” Novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky The book invites to talk, reveals the personal worldview of the author. Read the novel – to be alone with the great Dostoevsky.
  • “The Gulag Archipelago” Book by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Description of camp life during the time of the merciless system of the USSR.

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