Sapins launches 1 litre milk in HDPE bottles

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    Sapins launches 1 litre milk in HDPE bottles

    The bottles will be priced at ₹60 per litre


    The Kochi-based Sapins Farm Products has launched fresh cow’s milk in 1 litre HDPE (high density polyethylene) bottles.

    HDPE is more efficient and environment friendly as it can withstand high temperatures, up to 70°C while PET can stand only within the range 40-50°C. The new milk bottles are easier to recycle, and they can be used as bottles themselves for a longer period, Gigi Thomas, Managing Director, Sapins Farm Products said.

    The company comes with the new packaging considering its convenience to handle and store while ensuring very less product wastage. The new stock-keeping unit [SKU] is available in all major retail stores throughout the state through Reliance outlets and

    In addition, the company is also planning to launch a recycle scheme whereby consumers can save money on additional purchases. Considering the high-quality packaging, the new SKU is priced at ₹60 per litre.

    In six months time, the company targets to achieve a sales volume ratio of 1:1 between its 1 litre HDPE bottles and half-litre polythene packs.

    Sapins major plant is at Kizhakambalam near here with a capacity to process 50,000 litres of milk every day. The unit has the most-modern production lines with separate capacities for curd (10,000 litres pd), ghee (1500 litres pd), paneer and butter (2 to 3 tons pd) and four varieties of milk.

    The company also has a farm in Kizhakkambalam and buys the milk from the dairy farmers in the village through an arrangement with Twenty20, a charity organization promoting vocational activities including dairy farming among the villagers. Still, majority of its requirements are met from Karnataka.


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